About us may be a little deceiving because at this point it is really just me. My name is John Sullivan and I am a retro gaming enthusiast with a passion for art. ControllerHead has been an idea rolling around in my brain for about 5 or 6 years.



When I was a kid I was terrible at video games, I was the kid who never got to play and when he did my turn only lasted a mere seconds. I Therefore just disassociated myself with games. Fast forward to my 16th Birthday, my best friend in the world stops by and gives me his old NES with an endless library of classics and cult hits. I spend the entire summer hauled up in my room playing punch out and Kickle cubicle- It was AMAZING! 2 years later I make a huge mistake and donate my collection to “ the apartment of everything” a place I used to party and hang out with friends.



Fast forward again to my mid-20's I am about to get married and I have a simple yet bold request from my wife to-be “ If we get married you have to agree to have a full arcade in our basement ” . My wife to be agrees but there is some flaws to my plan. Firstly we live in Florida a land without basements and secondly we have plans to move around a bit thus making it a very daunting task.



I think of the best compromise to get me through until we “settle down”, I purchase an NES on craigslist with a batch of games. Within a few weeks I meet a new friend online who shows me the ropes of game collecting and we start dreaming about old school gaming tournaments and barcades which propels me to buying the domain Controllerhead as an outlet for such projects. Well here it is years later and this is what you get, it may not be this vast and monumental project but it is my love for games and my love for art rolled into a single hub. I hope you enjoy it!